Marketing Strategy Consultation

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After my initial research of your Startup, we will hold a Skype consultation during which we will create a tailored marketing plan and develop a dedicated content strategy for your business.

Do you want to start seeing new customers, clients, and partnerships that last? We have supported businesses from a wide range of markets and niches. Whether you sell online or in a shop (or both), are pronon-profit profit, sell locally or ship worldwide, sell goods or services, have some experience with marketing or none at all, we can help.

Our consultation call will be completely tailored to your business and can take into account depending on your requirements:
- Branding strategy
- Social media marketing
- Driving traffic and evaluating customer acquisition strategy and costs
- Increasing sales conversion rates
- Digital Advertising (Social Media, Directories, Partnerships etc.)
- Making sales and increasing spending per customer
- Print marketing
- Local marketing
- Event marketing
- Experiential marketing
and more